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Welcome to Torraca Sons Amusements
Torraca Sons specialise in amusement games and machines for hotels, clubs and other commercial premises. We supply and operate all our machines to your location with absolutely no cost to you.
Introducing our premier products

Robust Pool Tables
Our pool tables are commercial grade and are made from durable materials. Our pool tables have a low error rate to ensure issues are minimal. With many options and configurations available, speak to us today about your pool table requirements.


Premium Arcade Machine
With a wide selection of games and arcade machines, you will find our selection the best in the industry. Completely managed and maintained - we back our machines 100% with complete service and maintenance checks to ensure your clients are happy.

High Quality Pinball Machines
Pinball machines are one of our most poular products and are great to fill a small space you may have available in your premises. With some of the latest games available, our pinball machines are a hit with a wide range of clients.
Free arcade games for pubs & clubs

Contact us today for an assessment on whether your pub or club can obtain free amusement games and pool tables operated and maintained free of charge.

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